The Regional Research Library in Liberec is a prominent hub of information, education and culture in the city of Liberec and the Liberec Region as a whole, a place for people to meet. The Liberec Region has been the authority behind the library since 2001.

The library operates in the city and the region at the following levels:

  • as a regional research library, with a thematically universal stock of documents that focus on glass and textiles;
  • as a municipal public library with a freely accessible library stock of wonderful and popular non-fiction for readers of all age categories;
  • as a regional library offering documents and information from the history and present of the region;
  • as an information centre providing bibliographic, factual and reference material;
  • as an access point to a wide range of information and databases which are available via the INTERNET (library catalogues, information from state administration and self-governing regions etc.).

The residents of suburban areas and housing estates can also make use of the library's other branches.

The Regional Research Library in Liberec welcomes readers of all age and interest categories from the Liberec Region and of course all visitors to the area looking for information about the city and region or simply looking for a place to relax on their journeys.



Liberec Research Library,

příspěvková organizace

Rumjancevova 1362/1, 460 53 Liberec 1

tel: 482 412 133, fax: 482 412 122,

e-mail: library@kvkli.cz

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