Library Liberec comprises a complex fund of books on a very wide range of topics, which is supplemented by book purchasing, gifts and Legal Deposit (the legal requirement that a given number of published materials be deposited in selected libraries). Library Liberec was granted nationwide legal deposit of non-periodical publications between 1947 and 1995. Today the Library receives legal deposit periodicals and regional non-periodical publications.


When the Library was founded in 1945 the book fund was initially influenced by local industries, later by the academic development of Technical University of Liberec and later still the merging of the City and Scientific Libraries into one. The original special-interest collections of the library (textiles, glass & plastics) still contain much about textiles and glass; educational materials and publications have been extended in line with modern developments at the University, e.g. architecture.


Book fund

The primary resource is printed documents – books, serials, music, maps, patents, norms. Further additions are made using other media – audio, audiovisual, and electronic. The library holds collections amounting to about 1,350,000 documents, of which 240,000 are on the open shelves. The collections cover academic, non-fiction and fiction materials for children, young people and adults alike.

The Library is also responsible for special document collection.







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