Short version of the Library Regulations (valid from 1.1.2014)

How to register

Applicants should present:

  •          A Czech Identity Card
  •          Foreign nationals: a passport or identity card/residence permit (see §4)
  •          students: student registration
  •          children up to 15 yrs: an application form signed by parents or guardian

On payment of the registration fee the user receives an non-transferable Library Membership Card. Holders of Opus Cards and//or valid ISIC cards may request to use these cards instead.

You can speed up the registration process by filling in this form in advance.



Library users may select items from open shelves. Loans are made at library desks or at self-service loan stations (selfcheck). Items from the stack are made available in the Study Library (1st Floor) upon completion of a printed or electronic loan request form. Such loans take about fifteen minutes to process.

The great majority of the library stock is available for external lending; however, some items (especially reference works) may only be borrowed in-house (such items are marked with a yellow band). Non-registered users may borrow items on a one-off basis (in accordance with the conditions outlined in the Library Regulations).

Upon expiry of loan times the user must return borrowed items to the library desk in the relevant department. Items may be returned when the library is not open using the ‘bookbox’ in front of the library entrance. Items thus returned shall be signed off Readers’ Accounts by 10am the following working day.


Open access lending

Fiction is arranged by genre (crime, historical novels, poetry etc.) in alphabetical order by author. Non-fiction and popular textbooks are arranged by subject and are catalogued using the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) system.


Loan Periods

  •          books, magazines, maps – 31 days
  •          selected new titles – 14 days
  •          audio items, DVD films – 14 days

Loan periods for individual items may be extended upon application (in person, by telephone, email or electronically using your User Account).


Maximum number of borrowed items

  •          books – 30
  •          magazines (single issues) – 25
  •          bound annual volumes of magazines – 5
  •          music scores – 10
  •          audio items – 10
  •          DVD films – 2
  •          maps – 5
  •          children’s and youth library: books- 10, magazines – 5, audio items – 2


Music Library Rules

Audio items may only be borrowed nine months after public release.


Failure to return items

Users are liable to pay a fine when borrowed items are not returned by the due date. The Library shall send out a reminder prior to the due date, for which an additional fee shall be charged. All Library Charges can be seen in the Price List.



Photocopying services are provided in accordance with copyright law. Only items owned by the library or made available to the library through inter-library loan may be copied.

Users may make copies themselves using self-service photocopiers. Photocopiers accept coins and valid Library Membership Cards (see below). Users may

also request copies to be made by staff at the Information desk or at the library Graphic Studio.


User Account

The following services are available electronically:

  •          account status (items borrowed, charges, credit, reservations, etc.)
  •          loan request for items in stack
  •          reservation of items currently on loan
  •          borrowed item loan extensions

User Accounts may be accessed using the Internet, or users’ computers in the library.

To access your account you will need your:

  •          Library Membership Card number or email 
  •          password – arranged at the Information desk; users providing an email address at registration may change their password later



Users may open an account at the library from which all charges incurred by the user are debited, including:

  •          service charges – annual membership fee, reservations, inter-library loan services
  •          photocopying
  •          fines

Users may check their account status through their User Account.


Important information

Price list

Opening Hours


Where to find…

Adult Fiction

General Library, branches

Adult Non-fiction

General Library, Study Library, branches

University Textbooks

Study Library

Children’s fiction and non-fiction

Children’s Library, branches

Music, Audiobooks & Films

Music Library


Study Library, General Library

Foreign Languages

Study Library


Study Library

Music Scores

Music Library

Technical standards & Patents

Study Library


Study Library

Licenced databases

Study Library, Information Desk, remote access



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