Let´s Talk Fridays

Plakát Let´s Talk Fridays
Pořádá: Evropské centrum jazykových zkoušek a KVKLI

Akce pro učitele anglického jazyka. 

Are you a primary or secondary school teacher of English? Let's get together on a Friday afternoon, chat over coffee or tea and get mutual inspiration for the challenges we face in the classroom. Let's talk both about professional topics and everyday issues in our teaching practice.

The main topic of discussion at this event is the assessment of speaking at CEFR levels A1 - C2, available tools and resources and teachers' experiences of giving feedback to their students. 
Other topics can be suggested using the form here and we can explore them if time permits. 
This meeting is open to primary and secondary school teachers. 
✻ Since this topic is usually highly in demand, preference may be given to teachers from ELEC partner schools. 

Register free of charge at msi.elec.eu

Kdy: 17. květen
V kolik hodin: 15:00
Kde: Hlavní budova, Malá konferenční místnost, 2. patro
Vstupné: zdarma